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A view from the “mountaintop”

It is a bit hard to call a 1300′ foot hill in Montgomery County Maryland a mountain.  But, this is I have to work with, so a mountain it will be. On Sunday, Luke and I decided we would go for a  for a trail “run” at Sugarloaf Mountain in preparation for our Pennsylvania and Vermont Spartan Races.

I also got to test out a new pair of trail running shoes Salomon Speedcross 3’s. Continue reading “A view from the “mountaintop””

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A Spartan Summer

Flash back to early April of this year. Kathy, Luke and I were sitting at the dinner table and I casually asked;

“Would it be OK, if Luke and I got regional passes for 3 Spartan Races this summer?”

To which my lovely wife said:

“Sure, go ahead, if you want to.”

At that point Luke nearly jumped out of his chair and yelled:

“Stop dinner, no  need to ask twice, all Mom could do is say no.  Let’s go get signed up!”

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Battlefrog DC – Chasing the young one

After what seemed like an eternity of rain, we finally had a day where water would not be pouring out of the sky.  But the mud two weeks of rain left in its wake, now that is another story. (Well, not really, but isn’t that what writers are supposed to say?)

So Luke (AKA the young one) and I are signed up for BattleFrog DC, which really isn’t in DC, but I won’t go there in this post, with a start time of 1 pm.

Now there are 2 things in life that I don’t like, well probably more like 200, but for now 2 will do.  One is sitting and waiting and two is sitting and waiting to race in the afternoon.  I am a race early in the morning kind of guy. Continue reading “Battlefrog DC – Chasing the young one”

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In the beginning . . .

In May 2015 there was the silliest thing that I ever did

The WipeOut Run in Baltimore Maryland. A 5k full of people in all kinds of weird costumes playing on replicas of the obstacles from the TV show.  It was a bit are scene to behold and it was fun to do and it got me started on this crazy journey called Obstacle Course Racing.

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