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In the beginning . . .

In May 2015 there was the silliest thing that I ever did

The WipeOut Run in Baltimore Maryland. A 5k full of people in all kinds of weird costumes playing on replicas of the obstacles from the TV show.  It was a bit are scene to behold and it was fun to do and it got me started on this crazy journey called Obstacle Course Racing.

And how did that happen? It’s pretty simple, one of the guys I ran with said:

A couple of us are doing a SPARTAN RACE in August, you should come and do that with us it will be fun. Secretly or in reality not so secretly, I had always wanted to do one of these.  So after several weeks of procrastinating and shaming from my son, I pulled out the credit card and BOOM! he and I were signed up for our first SPARTAN RACE. It was the DC Sprint in early August.

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