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A Spartan Summer

Flash back to early April of this year. Kathy, Luke and I were sitting at the dinner table and I casually asked;

“Would it be OK, if Luke and I got regional passes for 3 Spartan Races this summer?”

To which my lovely wife said:

“Sure, go ahead, if you want to.”

At that point Luke nearly jumped out of his chair and yelled:

“Stop dinner, no  need to ask twice, all Mom could do is say no.  Let’s go get signed up!”

So a day or two later, we were signed up for a summer of Spartan racing.

Our races are:

A Spartan Trifecta in the works – AROO!

Shortly after signing up for the races, and especially after signing up for Killington; I had these thoughts cross my mind.

  • What were you thinking?
  • Do you really think that doing Killington is a good idea? and
  • Are you trying to get yourself killed?

To which my answers were:

  • I’m not really sure;
  • I’m not really sure, and
  • Definitely not.

But at this point it is too late to worry and I need to get on with my training.

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