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DIY Obstacles aka creating a home made OCR rig

How I have my “Rig” attached has changed. The new configuration can be seen by clicking the picture. Everything else has stayed the same. After 1 year of use all of the attachments are still performing as good as new.


Since I’m tired of falling off rigs while Luke sails across, I figured that I needed to do something to raise my odds a little bit.  Since I don’t have a big enough bank account to buy my own rig, I decided I might as well create my own.

I thought the best way to do this is to enlist Luke to help design and build the obstacles. So that is what I did.  His thought was that we needed a combination of ball holds, pipe holds, rings and ropes and about 10-12 of them in total. Those seem to be some of the more common grips on the rigs, so I figured that this would be a pretty good start. So after a quick trip to to price out some of the items we need, I decided there has to be a better way.
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More than obstacle racing

Life may be an obstacle race, but, there is more to life than obstacle racing.

Love the hat!


It happened just three weeks ago, on June 1, 2016 to be exact. At about 5:20 PM my son, Eddie called with the news, Carter Joseph Hernandez had just burst forth into the world kicking and screaming.

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Getting older, gaining perspective

BrainAs I have advanced in years, I have realized that getting older isn’t as bad as most people believe it to be.  It has given me the chance to spend nearly 20 years with my lovely wife and more importantly she has spent the time with me (thanks Kathy); to see my kids grow to become wonderful young adults;  to see the birth of my first grandchild and to gain the perspective that comes from making it through nearly 53 years of life.
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Triwonder Professional Outdoors Hydration Pack

I bought this pack for my son to use during our training for the Pennsylvania Spartan Super and the Vermont Spartan Beast, I currently have a Nathan Zelos pack and will be using that as a point of comparison.

Vest fron

The first thing I noticed was that the pack sold here is really an “AONIJIE” which sold as a “Triwonder” through the AMAZON vendor. It has not even been relabeled to match the “Triwonder name”from the Amazon storefront. That isn’t a bad thing, but is seemed strange when I opened the box. The second is that it is marketed as a hydration vest, but they don’t sell a bladder for it (yet) and you need to depend on water bottles. I knew that when I purchased it,  But It can easily be converted into a vest to carry a bladder by dropping in a 1.5 or 2-liter Camelbak bladder. Doing this raises the price to about $60, which is still about half the price of my Nathan vest.

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Nathan Zelos


The Nathan Zelos was the first running vest that I purchased, prior to this season I had no reason for own this type of pack.  For short runs I use a Nathan Trail Mix 4 hydration belt,  but for longer runs including my 8.5 mile run from work to home, I needed something with a little bit of cargo carrying ability.  I also intended to use the vest for my longer OCRs as well.

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