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Getting older, gaining perspective

BrainAs I have advanced in years, I have realized that getting older isn’t as bad as most people believe it to be.  It has given me the chance to spend nearly 20 years with my lovely wife and more importantly she has spent the time with me (thanks Kathy); to see my kids grow to become wonderful young adults;  to see the birth of my first grandchild and to gain the perspective that comes from making it through nearly 53 years of life.

For example lets look at this week, I was sitting in my office on Tuesday morning trying to convince myself to go to the gym for a circuit workout. This was after my fairly long run on Monday afternoon, the first one I had done in 90 degree heat in a long time.

My brain was telling me: “Your next race is only 30 days away, you need to make sure that you are in the best shape possible, get down to gym and just do it!”

But, the entire time my body was telling me: “Your legs are sore, you still feel tired from the run and your not even close to full strength, so why waste an effort?”

For several moments I sat there conflicted and not sure what to do. Then I pulled up my training plan and saw that I had a rest day planned for Thursday, so with a couple of clicks and quick cut and paste, the Tuesday workout moved to Thursday and the rest day was moved to Tuesday. Problem solved. When Thursday rolled around, I did the workout and it felt great.

Score: Body 1 – Brain 0

Would it have gone well if I tried to do it anyway? I don’t know and more importantly it doesn’t really matter since I got the work in anyway.

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