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More than obstacle racing

Life may be an obstacle race, but, there is more to life than obstacle racing.

Love the hat!


It happened just three weeks ago, on June 1, 2016 to be exact. At about 5:20 PM my son, Eddie called with the news, Carter Joseph Hernandez had just burst forth into the world kicking and screaming.

My first grandchild!

Now, I can’t say that I was surprised since children don’t just sneak up on you and pop out into the world. In the months leading up to Carter’s birth I knew it was going to happen, but now that he had been born the reality hit me


Let’s rewind that for a couple of moments. I am a grandfather, like one of those really old guys with grey hair? At this point, I may have the grey hair part down, but, really old is going to have to wait for a little while. I still have way too many things to accomplish before I can declare myself officially old.

So this past weekend, we had the chance to go visit with Carter, Eddie and Abby. After the seemingly unending drive from the DC metro area to Norfolk, VA we finally arrived and would get to see him live and in person, instead of just in pictures. So we pull up to their house and there they are my son, his wife and my grandson. I may have thought that I understood the reality of Carter’s birth before, but now getting to see him the hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks.

Nana B in action!

A real flesh and blood grandson.

Of course my wife had to be first in line to grab Carter, but isn’t that what grandmothers are supposed to do?

Doesn’t she look like a happy grandmother? Yes she does, the amazingly happy “Nana B”. It’s her newly minted grandmother name.



A  little while later, the rest of the guys rolled in and got to spend some time with their  brother and nephew.

The Guys

Unfortunately, our daughter who lives in Florida could not join us. She was was heading off to Miami to attend a week long conference for high school AP Literature teachers. A week in Miami, it must be a tough life. It may be summer for us, but for her, its already time to get prepared for the next school year.


On Sunday we gathered once again, this time to celebrate Father’s Day, a brand new experience for Eddie and one that I am sure he will remember for quite some time.

Eddie’s first Father’s Day!

I can’t wait to see Carter grow up and to learn new things. Like how to stay awake for a little while.

Stick a fork in him. He’s done!

Eddie and Abby, I love you guys, I am proud of you and I know that you will make wonderful parents!

Proud parents.

Take good care of the little guy!


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