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PA Spartan Super – AKA Burpee fest

So the day started out promising enough, Luke and I drove the 35 minutes to Blue Mountain, paid our parking fee and parked without a hitch.  With our forms in hand we walked to registration, past all of the people frantically filling out their waivers and waited behind the one person in front of us and had our packets in about 2 minutes.

Now it was time to stroll over and watch the elites start, first the men and then the women. Watching them take off running up the first hill was amazing. By the time the leaders crested the short hill .1 mile into the race, they already had a lead of a 75 seconds over the back of the pack and some of those folks looked like they were in trouble already. Continue reading “PA Spartan Super – AKA Burpee fest”

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Preparing for the PA road trip

For Luke and I, it’s nearly departure time for our first away race. Up until now all of our races have been within a 90 minute drive from home. In contrast, Blue Mountain will be about a 4 ½ hour drive, so planning is a little bit different. If you at all care what the race is like, this is a link to the NBC TV broadcast of last year’s race, 2015 Spartan Super Palmerton, PA.

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Expectations . . .

The goal for the summer

So here I am, just a couple of days out from the first race that will start Luke and I on our way to our Spartan Trifecta, the Pennsylvania Spartan Super. An 8+ mile race up and down (and up and down) a mountainside in northeast PA.  This weekend we get the blue slice of the pie. The others will follow.

As Kathy and I were walking to the gym this morning she asked me:

“How do you feel about your race this weekend?”

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