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Spartan Trifecta – The missing piece . . .

As I look at the pieces of my Spartan medal, what stands out to me is that one piece is missing, the green piece to show that I am a finisher of a Spartan Beast. Without that slice my “pie” as I call it won’t be finished and my goals for this summer won’t be complete.

As Luke and I started A Spartan Summer, I never realized how significant theses races and the three little pieces of metal that you get for finishing them would be to me. The two pieces that I have right now and the third that I intend to earn on Saturday are valuable to me for a multitude of reasons, ranging from the sense of accomplishment of (hopefully) completing all three races, to enjoying the time that Luke and I have spent together and everything else in between. When this summer started, I would have never thought that completing the “pie” would be so important. When we began, completing the trifecta seemed like a really neat thing to do, an intense physical challenge and a great way to spend the summer. But now with the final race only few short days away, earning the final piece means so much more and I really don’t know why and really can’t put it to words.

All I really know is that these three little pieces of metal may not be of much value to the world; but, they will be very valuable to me.

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