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Vermont Spartan Beast – Packing the race gear

It’s time to get my bags packed and I am starting starting with the race gear.

It pretty much starts from the bottom up. The first thing into the bag are the trusty Salomon Speedcross 3’s. These shoes have served me well this season. They are comfortable and have great traction in any conditions. I just wish they were a bit better ventilated and a lot more durable.

Salomon Speedcross 3

I have had some problems with the front part of the sole separating from the toe of the shoe.

My big decision when I get back from Killington is:

“Do I glue the piece back in place or do I return them to REI for a different shoe?”

I guess that is really not a big decision. But, let’s see how my feet feel in a couple of days.

After the shoes are packed, I moved on to what I will actually be wearing when I race.

Speedcross 3 – Love these shoes

The first thing of course are the the compression shorts on the right. Those are a must wear. Next comes the outer layer of shorts, I haven’t decided blue or black. And will hold that to a race day decision. But since I wore the blue for the Palmerton debacle, I might chose those to erases that memory. Then comes the standard compression top. It now has a sporty ventilation hole in the back from where it got stuck on the barbed wire during the DC Sprint. Good thing Champion gear is inexpensive. Finally, down to the calf sleeves and socks. The calf sleeves are great to prevent rope burns and they seem to help with some of my cramping issues. Finally the Feetures socks, I love these socks, they were way to expensive, but they are hands down the most comfortable socks I have ever worn.

And last but not least, since it will be between 45-50 degrees that morning, the warm up gear that will come off and get stuffed into my bag before the race starts.

Warm up gear

Nothing fancy, just some tights, gloves, a choice of hats, arm warmers and a long sleeve shirt. I may start the race with the arm warmers, but the then again I may not and I will probably be wearing the long sleeve shirt to the start corral and toss it by the fence just before the race start. If I do that and it is there at the end it would be a bonus. If not the shirt is 15 years old and I guess someone would have needed it more than me.

The final two things to pack are my trusty Fenix 3 HR, with an external strap and my newest toy (given as a gift from my lovely wife) a GoPro Session with a head strap.


This extravaganza will be captured in full HD video!

I hope it turns out well.

Now all I have left to pack are some clothes for the weekend and my toiletries.

Wheels up tomorrow morning at 8:30 am.

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