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The Final Piece of the Pie – Spartan Trifecta Completed

This post is not about the Killington Spartan Beast, I will add that race report in a couple of days once I get a chance to write it.

This post is about Luke and I finishing the race and completing our Spartan Trifecta. What did it take to get here?

  • Six months of hard training;
  • Three hard races spread across three months and three states; and
  • A bunch of trash talking that Kathy will never understand.

What did I get?

  • Memories that will last a lifetime.

Of all the memories, the strongest for me will be Luke and I crossing the finish line together and bringing this chapter of my life to an exhausting, sweaty, muddy and glorious close. As I wrote in Spartan Trifecta – The missing piece . . . this is more than just getting three pie shaped pieces of metal. It is really the end of a quest, learning some lessons on life and sharing wisdom along the way. One of the things that will stick in my mind and hopefully in Luke’s as well will be something he said while we were out on the course. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but a good paraphrase might be:

“Sometimes the experience and wisdom that come with age is better than the exuberance of youth.”

He said this when he realized that if we didn’t race together he would have run much too hard in the beginning and would have struggled badly to get to the finish.

But, with that said, I learned a valuable lesson in this race as well:

“Sometimes the strength and energy of the young can be valuable to help the old keep going when they get tired.” 

I realized this as we got into the final 90 minutes of the race. I was able to pace off Luke and was able to use his strength and encouragement to keep moving when if I were racing on my own, it would have been very easy to slow down and coast to the finish.

Without the two of us racing this one together, both of our experiences would have been vastly different, and not nearly as positive.

I think there is a valuable lesson that we can all take from this and it is that the young and old need to work together to achieve true success. Us old folks need to share our wisdom and life experience with the young and the young folks need to take that wisdom and run with it, not leaving us behind, but leading us to a brighter future. We don’t always need to be together, but as the torch is passed from one generation to the next we do need to be together.

So will we continue to race “together”?  I think we will. I would also love to have my older kids get in on the fun and join us for a race or two. (Jordan, Jeremy, Eddie and Brittany the 2017 Spartan schedule will be rolling out soon; maybe we should make some plans for family Spartan Race Day.)

Now that the Beast is finished and our trifecta has been completed; racing “with” Luke really won’t be racing “with” him anymore. I will be in the same race as him, but his competition won’t be coming from me, it would be coming from the the other young guys around him.

But, as he heads off into his future with the wisdom and experience he gained this summer, I am OK with him forging ahead on his own.

But, it will still be nice to see him waiting at the finish line for me.

Thanks for the lessons.


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