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Aches and pains . . .

The race season has come and gone and now it’s time to deal with the aches, pains and injuries that I have accumulated during the past six months.  This begins with an evaluation of my painful left shoulder.

shoulderI have been dealing with pain and stiffness in the shoulder since late spring and now that my race season is over, I finally went to the orthopedist and and got it checked out. Based on the tests the Dr. was able to run in the office and reviewing my x-rays, the preliminary diagnosis is adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, aka “frozen shoulder”.  A stiffening and tightening of the shoulder capsule which covers the tendons and ligaments of the shoulder joint. The capsule’s location can be seen in the photo.

However, to rule out any other issues related to the tendons and ligaments, I have an MRI scheduled for Thursday. That will give the Dr. a complete picture of my shoulder joint. I will have the results of that one week from today.

Then based on what turns up in the MRI, we can plot a path to getting my shoulder back to normal. I am just hoping that everything comes back OK  and physical therapy is the main course of action.

Getting old is tough!


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