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Vermont Spartan Beast – Getting closer

Yesterday we got not only our start times, but our bib numbers were added in as well. The reality of this is finally starting to hit home. Tomorrow we are getting in the car and heading off to Killington!

I am going through all of the pre-race packing and sorting of gear. This is what I will be carrying on the course. Continue reading “Vermont Spartan Beast – Getting closer”

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Spartan Trifecta – The missing piece . . .

As I look at the pieces of my Spartan medal, what stands out to me is that one piece is missing, the green piece to show that I am a finisher of a Spartan Beast. Without that slice my “pie” as I call it won’t be finished and my goals for this summer won’t be complete.

As Luke and I started A Spartan Summer, I never realized how significant theses races and the three little pieces of metal that you get for finishing them would be to me. Continue reading “Spartan Trifecta – The missing piece . . .”

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Vermont Spartan Beast – 1 Week and Counting

For some reason photos never do justice to mountains. Looking at that picture, I would think to myself, “Those mountains don’t look so bad.” But I have been to Killington before and these mountains are BIG and STEEP.

But looking at the picture below gives a better perspective of the mountain.


In exactly 1 week, Luke and I will be out on the course at Killington. Next Saturday at this time we will probably be right smack in the middle of out a climb to the summit of Killington Peak, 4,236 feet tall and about 2,000 feet above where we are going to start the the day. Most likely it will be one of either two or three climbs to the top of the mountain. That is one of the “joys” of Spartan races, you never know exactly what the course is going to be like. You don’t know the distance, the obstacles or route you will be taking.  For this race, all I know is that it will be long, steep and hard. Continue reading “Vermont Spartan Beast – 1 Week and Counting”