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Solitude and the snowy day

When I heard the weather report for a couple of inches of snow it was exciting news to me. I may be weird, but I enjoy running in the snow. It is peaceful, and the chances of seeing other people is virtually zero.

So I layered up, tied my shoes and headed out the door. Into a light dusting of freshly fallen snow.  Continue reading “Solitude and the snowy day”

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The Rig

Those two little words.



Nothing else causes me more trouble in an obstacle race than the rig. No matter what race, Savage, Battlefrog (RIP) or Spartan, I have yet to complete one.

Why? At first I thought it was a physical problem, I blamed a lack of upper body strength, I blamed lack of grip strength, I blamed a shoulder injury, I blamed just about everything I could imagine and worked to overcome those problems; but in the end, my results were still the same.

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