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Solitude and the snowy day

When I heard the weather report for a couple of inches of snow it was exciting news to me. I may be weird, but I enjoy running in the snow. It is peaceful, and the chances of seeing other people is virtually zero.

So I layered up, tied my shoes and headed out the door. Into a light dusting of freshly fallen snow. 


As I headed out I could hear and feel the crunch, crunch, crunch as the snow packed down beneath my feet. At first I thought it felt a bit colder than I expected even though I knew it was 24 degrees and the wind was blowing a bit as well. I figured once I started moving, I would warm up and things would be OK. It turns out I was right.


I headed down the little trail behind our neighborhood and after about 10 minutes I was in the local park and had the entire trail to myself. There was not a single person in sight. Just me, the trail and the snow. I couldn’t ask for a better day.


Finally, I made it to here, turned around started for home. But not before taking a couple of monents to enjoy the quietness and stillness of the lake. It was just me on the shore and a flock of geese floating on the water.

The camera lens was a bit foggy

I finally made it home after about 7 1/2 enjoyable miles. I was starting to get cold and my legs were a bit more tired than normal, but I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend 75 minutes.


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