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2017 the year ahead

It is hard to believe that March is already half over, spring is just around the corner and that my race season begins in a couple of months.

So what will I be doing this year?

My races will once again be focused on Spartans, but I may try to get the fall Maryland Savage race on my schedule since I have a score to settle with Sawtooth and Wheel World from that race. I am also pondering a shot at a fall marathon if I feel good coming out of Killington.

I have already registered for my three major Spartan Races for this year.  Those races are:

But in order to complete a trifecta again this season, I may try to slip the Spartan Sprint – Washington, DC into my schedule the weekend before heading off to Killington.

Of the three definite races on the schedule, I did two of them last year (Palmerton and Killington)  so even though this year’s courses will be different,  I at least I understand the severity of the terrain at the venues. The third race in West Virginia is completely new both me and Spartan so I am not sure what the terrain will like for that one. All I can figure is that West Virginia has mountains, so I will be prepared for mountains.

The Palmerton and West Virginia races are also part of the 5 race NBC Spartan National  Championship Series and will attract most of the best OCR racers in North America. As a result,  beyond the challenge thrown down by the terrain, these races will undoubtedly have some of the hardest courses that Spartan can manage to construct. The West Virginia race is also the Spartan Age Group National Championships so I can expect a lot of good competition in my race as well.

I am expecting the West Virginia race to be the most difficult of the three, followed by Killington and Palmerton. But make no mistake, none of these races are easy. Even the DC Sprint if I add it to the schedule will a tough race.

As I have looked at the races,  I have decided on my goals for the season:

  • Have fun;
  • Stay injury free;
  • Race to the best of my ability using all of the talents, skills and abilities that God has blessed me with;
  • Be a positive example to those around me when racing and training;
  • Qualify for OCR Worlds again this year, even though I won’t race them; and
  • To finish one of the three major races within 15 minutes of Luke.

This year I am trying something new and following a training program laid out by Yancy Camp so I am hoping to better prepared for this seasons races. This way all of my three key workouts for the week are planned for me and I just add in a couple of low-key aerobic and strength work on two or three of the other days. So far this approach has been working well and even though the hard days are really hard, my body seems to be responding nicely.

Stay tuned for updates on my training as it progresses.

Keep moving forward.

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