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Back to College Park Parkrun

This weekend I decided to venture back to the College Park Parkrun and give myself another shot at at redemption in a 5k. The conditions today were much better than my first race. Instead of 26 degrees, today it was 42 degrees and sunny for the start. It was actually quite pleasant.


My plan for the day was to start off a bit slower and then see how things progressed for the rest of the race. Last time, I ran the first half mile way to hard. This time I swore I would be smarter. And in a stunning turn of events, I actually stuck to the plan and came in about 5 seconds slower for the first half mile. Then I picked up the pace a bit and was running with a group of four, all with 5-10 seconds of each other.


As I was suffering along the the trail on the way to the finish, one of the guys behind me made a move and passed me.  All I could think was I’ve only got 1/2 mile to go


So I kept pushing to the finish.

I couldn’t close the gap on the guy in front of me. Four of us finished within 7 seconds of one another. A very close group for 5-6-7-8 in this race. As can be seen in the photo.


My final time today was 21:49.  It was a 12 second improvement over my first race. I definitely have room for improvement, but it is also pretty good for an old guy.

And in the end I wasn’t the only PR today. My friend Jan beat her previous best by over a minute. Way to go Jan! There she is gritting it out through the finish.


Until next time.

And if you get a chance check out my fund raiser.


And don’t forget, just keep moving forward!

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