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Unimagined boredom

Let me start with a simple word of advice:

Double check everything before it is too late. 

Now to the story. 

Here I am on a flight to the west coast, a 5 1/2 hour trip from Baltimore to Oakland. As the plane takes off,  I am listening to an Obstacle Racing Media podcast of an interview with Amelia Boone. Sixty minutes later the podcast finishes and I am glad that I downloaded a bunch of other podcast to listen to along the way. These included several Jocko, Tim Ferris, Link Endurance podcasts and a two sermons from my local Church. 

Since I have missed some church lately, I decided to fire up the sermons. They are both titled “Overcoming and Enduring with the Help of Community” something that is not only good for me in the context of life, but good for me in the athletic community as well. If we don’t have others around us to help us in the difficult moments,  life can become very dark and very lonely. They were messages that were good to hear and I was glad to have added to my phone before I left. 

After listening to them I got up, stretched and thought about what I would listen to next. I figured if I had four hours of flying left I would do something I had never done before, listen to an entire Jocko podcast straight through. You may wonder why I have never done that before and the answer is very simple. His “normal” podcast is usually around 2 1/2 hours long and I never have that much uninterrupted time to do anything except sleep. I was prepared to listen to an older one about overcoming set backs at work, Navy Seals versus MMA fighters, preparation versus winging it and anything and everything else he tossed in along the way. 

So to get started, I reopen my podcast app, select “Listen offline” and get ready to select the episode. But much to my shock and horror I have zero podcasts downloaded. 

Yes, you read that right. 


I check my watch and see we have been flying for 90 minutes. I have 4 more hours to go and nothing to listen to. What’s even worse I didn’t even bring a book to read since I planned to listen to the podcasts on the trip. And since I stream all of my music, I didn’t have any music either. 

So now I guess I am off to Plan B. Write a blog post. 

Which will hopefully be followed by Plan C.  Register to my one podcast and hope to take a nap. 

I have only 3 hours to go. 

Nap time awaits

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