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Reflection on an injury

As I sit and wait (literally and figuratively) for my foot to heal, the free time has given me the ability to look at my situation and spend some time in what I hope to be positive reflection.

The first thing that I need to admit to myself, is that I am enjoying the down time. Yes, as weird as this may sound, I am liking the time away from working out. After several years of training and competing the break is relaxing, both mentally and physically. For the first couple of days the fear of missing out (FOMO) was present much of the time, but as the weeks have rolled on and I transitioned from running, lifting and cycling to just cycling and then finally for the last three weeks just shutting down completely the FOMO has more or less vanished. I am still looking forward to the day when I can kick off the boot and get started exercising again, but I am not necessarily looking at it in a context of what is going to be my next “big event” to train for.

The second is, I am not sure when I return to working out what I plan to do.

  • Do I still want to run?
  • Do I still want to cycle?
  • Will i still do strength training circuits?
  • Is it time to pick up a new sport? Sculling?

I have so many questions to consider and now because of the injury, I have time to think about the answers rather than just continue to “do what I have always done”. At this point I have no idea what my answers are going to be once the boot comes off. But I am valuing the ability to think about it.

My final question and potentially the biggest one I am pondering is:

“Is it time to hang up my competitive shoes and to enjoy my workouts for what they really are, play time away from the stress of normal life?”

But even if I do keep competing, then I need to re-evaluate my training programs to make sure that:

A – I don’t hurt myself for what would be the 3rd year in a row, and

B – to not add additional stress as I prepare for future events.

As others transition into what for most is an off season, I challenge you to look at your life and your training and  to see what if any reflections you need to consider.

Until next time . . .

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