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DIY Obstacles aka creating a home made OCR rig – Updated

Quite a while ago I added a post about how I created a home made OCR rig, DIY Obstacles aka creating a home made OCR rig. In the year since I added that post, I have updated the home made rig to be something far easier to use and much more convenient.

Instead of having to lug my things over to our local fitness center, now I can just attach them to the bottom of my kitchen deck. To do this I used 3 1/2 eye-bolts and pre-drilled holes into the bottom of the deck rafters and then I screwed in the eye-bolts. All of the attachments now can be added or removed with quick release clips. This is much move convenient than before.

I also make is much easier to do simple grip work since I can now do this at my house.

This made a huge difference this year in my ability to get across grip strength obstacles like the Ape-hanger at Palmerton.

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DIY Obstacles aka creating a home made OCR rig

How I have my “Rig” attached has changed. The new configuration can be seen by clicking the picture. Everything else has stayed the same. After 1 year of use all of the attachments are still performing as good as new.


Since I’m tired of falling off rigs while Luke sails across, I figured that I needed to do something to raise my odds a little bit. ┬áSince I don’t have a big enough bank account to buy my own rig, I decided I might as well create my own.

I thought the best way to do this is to enlist Luke to help design and build the obstacles. So that is what I did.  His thought was that we needed a combination of ball holds, pipe holds, rings and ropes and about 10-12 of them in total. Those seem to be some of the more common grips on the rigs, so I figured that this would be a pretty good start. So after a quick trip to to price out some of the items we need, I decided there has to be a better way.
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